Our Program – Clarity Women's Center

Our Program

Who We Are

Being the abortion capital of the world, there are more women at risk than ever before. Upon the reopening of the Elinor Martin residence for mother and child, we will maintain our goal to nurture responsible motherhood and empower a woman to make healthy life choices for herself and her baby.

We empower them by offering emotional, spiritual, and material resources. By providing advocacy services, referrals, life skills training, and a residential program for mothers and babies, we prepare them for transition to independent living.

Historically, we have provided transitional housing for at-risk pregnant women and ensured that these mothers were equipped with the resources needed to deliver a healthy baby. Once their babies are born, they will have acquired the necessary skills to provide and care for themselves and their children.

Our independent living curriculum, which is a key component of our mission, is what differentiates us and makes us unique, and has made us different from facilities that only provide a place to sleep.

From the 1986 opening of the first Elinor Martin residence on the grounds of St. Agnes Hospital, vulnerable pregnant women have learned to be competent mothers while living in safe surroundings.

Making Women Self-Sufficient

Our mothers will receive support and development in the following areas:

Round-The-Clock Parental Support

The goal of our Round-the-Clock Parental Support Program is to provide safe housing for both mother and child with 24-hour care and supervision. Our Parental Support Program allows young mothers to benefit from adult guidance and peer support, pursue school and work, and learn how to be independent in the context of a secure and structured environment.

Job Readiness and Educational Support

A principal goal of the Elinor Martin Residence for Mother & Child is to provide our young moms with opportunities that strengthen their life skills and leadership abilities so they may transition successfully from residential living to leading stable and independent lives with gainful employment.

That is why the Job Readiness and Educational Support Program was established in 1998 and has grown to include a comprehensive series of educational and experiential classes and helps support our residents.

  • Life Skills – money management, budgeting, cost-effective grocery shopping, and nutrition
  • Job Training Skills – resume writing/building, computer skills, and interviewing classes to help mothers pursue both educational and professional goals
  • GED Preparation – support in pursuing other educational and career opportunities, computer-lab training
  • Parenting Programs, Individual Counseling, and Group Sessions including efforts to build self-esteem and self-awareness