Crystal Calhoun

This website was designed by Crystal Calhoun of Made To Be Unique.

I became a young single parent at the age of only 15 years old. Most of my childhood and youth was spent in group homes and shelters such as this one, so I have a LOT of gratitude towards charities such as this whose focus is to help young single women and youth in need of help and direction.

I was probably one of the harder youth to help on many occasions. I made many many bad choices that cost a lot of people and organizations precious time, frustration and $$. So again, to those of you that help, I am FOREVER grateful. You may not know or see the gratitude of some the young ladies you’re helping now but trust me, your help, hard work and patience will not be forgotten.

I’ve never really had the money, time or opportunity to attend college for advanced schooling. However, I HAVE acquired soaring grades in the school of CURIOSITY and AMBITION so my profession as a web designer, illustrator and marketing consultant has over time become quite successful!

I believe a person, no matter how hard their life has been, they too can do just about anything they want if they too have a huge dose of curiosity and ambition… And if you have God as your Guide, your future is sealed in true success!