Gabby’s Story

At the Elinor Martin Residence for Mother & Child, our mission of empowering women and embracing life is not limited to young, pregnant, college age women. In an effort to break the abusive cycle of domestic violence and abandonment, we now house older women with older children, up to 3 years old. These vulnerable moms and children require many of the same interventions that we provide to our new moms through our Round the Clock Residential Support, Nursery Care, Child-At-Risk and Aftercare Programs. Please meet former EMR resident, Gabrielle, and learn about her journey at the Elinor Martin Residence.

Gabrielle’s Story

The Elinor Martin Residence for Mother & Child (EMR) helped me in many, many ways. For a lot of women, it helped them to find a job or to go to school, but for me it was different. EMR helped me to be able to feel love for myself again. It helped me to make new friends. It helped me to jump back on my spiritual past to Christ. I have older children and times have changed, so being around a lot of new mothers helped me kind of like a refresher course. I was able to help them too since they were new to parenting by giving my advice.

Being at EMR was like a family; we all had different reasons for being there but most importantly we could relate, being pregnant and alone. Being alone is hard but I felt comfortable. I even began volunteering at the Wayside Thrift Shoppe, which helped me to gain the confidence of going back out into the world and into the work force. The intense therapy was another great tool that I needed and continue to do to this day. The prayer warriors, from Trinity Church in Greenwich, CT, helped me more than I can express. The volunteers were awesome. The staff was awesome. I was beginning to feel like a woman again after my life had been shattered by abuse.

After I left EMR I cried! I was scared and had the feeling of being alone again. However, the staff gave me the strength and encouragement to keep going and the assurance that I would be ok. I moved into a shelter for two months and then I moved into my own apartment with my daughter. EMR continued to keep in touch with me and continued to encourage me along the way. They even helped me to furnish my new apartment. If I needed to talk, they were there for me. The support was unbelievable and I appreciate them all to this day. I am now living on my own and I have even rebuilt a strong relationship with my other children. I am doing all the right things to continue on the right path and I still maintain my relationship with EMR; they are like my family!  I continue to get stronger each day and know that I will become the person I used to be but even STRONGER and BETTER!

If I wrote down all of the great memories I had during my stay at EMR, I believe this would turn into a book. The first week I was there, I was blessed to have had a make over and professional pictures taken of my pregnancy. I had not felt that beautiful in years. I even had fun. When I received the picture in a frame, I cried. I was beautiful. The volunteers all left me with great memories. They were excited about helping us and I was excited that they cared, so I soaked in everything I could. I felt the love and the Spirit of Christ through them. The parties we had were always fun. I loved the Saturday morning Bible Studies and Brunch that the men cooked for us (I can still smell the bacon and fresh orange juice just thinking about it). The prayer warriors, all of the Bible Study leaders, the trips to Trinity Church РI enjoyed them all.  Christmas was great! My first Christmas there I received my first gifts for my unborn child.

That was the day I had really felt, “This is real and she is coming! There is no way I can give up!” I just felt loved. The second Christmas there was also another great one – the setting up of the tree, the decorations, and the sweets! I miss living there, but I am happy to be on my own. EMR gave me the strength and support to get back out there and be the woman God has chosen me to be. I will always treasure my time at EMR and I would recommend it to anyone who is in need of a place to call home when you are lonely, confused, and pregnant. I love my child more than anything and I am enjoying every moment with her!