This website was designed and donated by Crystal Calhoun of Made To Be Unique.

I became a young single parent at the age of only 15 years old. Most of my child hood and youth was spent in group homes and shelters such as this one so I have a GREAT gratitude towards charities such as this whose focus is to help young women and youth in need of help and direction.

I was probably one of the harder youth to help at times. I made many many bad choices that cost alot of people and organizations precious time, frustration and $$. So again, to those of you that help, I am personally grateful. You may not know or see the gratitude of the young ladies you’re helping now, but just trust me, your help, hard work and patience will not be forgotten.

I would like to share some of the following skills and services I’ve learned and acquired which are all completely self-taught through the span of many many years. I’ve never really had the money, the time, or opportunity to attend college for advanced schooling on any of these following fields of interest. However, I do attend the school of CURIOSITY and AMBITION and have acquired soaring grades in this field! I believe a person no matter how hard their life has been that they too can do just about anything if they have a huge dose of curiosity and ambition… And if you have God as your Guide, your future is sealed in success (and I don’t mean the get rich quick kind either)! :-D

Curiosity and Ambition

   Ebay Sellers Services This is where my business success started. After many years of selling different products on ebay (ie. clothing, accessories, furniture, collectibles) I started to learn how to design auction templates and ebay stores. This then turned to website designs and beyond! Most of my clients are ebay sellers who want to make their ebay stores and auction listings look nicer so they can sell more and for better prices.

   Website & Blog Services I started designing website’s when my husband and I had started a small retail store. It was very hard to keep up with the bills. I knew we needed to better advertise our business so I took our store to the web and learned web design from a sheer desperation to stay afloat.

   Free Stock Images for ArtistsI just recently started to make some free stock images for growing artists and businesses looking for free stock to use in their art projects and commercial projects. You’re welcome to use any of my free stock images as well!

Crystal Calhoun and Family

These are our most recent family photos.

I met my husband Caine, online 11+ years ago. He was stationed in the Navy at Guantanamo Bay Cuba when we met. We were both Christians and fell in love almost instantly. I’m not recommending everyone turn to the internet for finding their love, but that’s where I found mine! :-D

The handsome young man on the right is my now adult son Leon (age 25). He’s also the same baby shown at the top in the black and white photo with me as a young 15 year old teen mother. When I met my husband online my #1 concern was that my son Leon would NOT have a step-father but a DAD. Caine was just that! He took in Leon who was at the time 10 years old – and became his Dad. There has always been a special bond between the two!

Now Leon is grown up and living on his own. Caine and I have had 2 other children since we married, Christian (the girl) and Isaiah. They are both super stars themselves with a great love for helping others. We are quite the proud parents!

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